When Jewelry Books Are Hilarious...

My jewelry book collection is complete with this rare book by Paul Villiard!  No topic seems off limits for Paul, ceramics, plumbing, woodworking and even candy making! My favorite is 'Moths and How to Rear Them'--who knew the needed rearing!  To me his work is reminiscent of the great MFK Fisher's 'Consider the Oyster' or Brenda Euland's inspired classic, 'If You Want to Write.'

Here is an exert that exemplifies his prose, as he waxes poetic about the fiendish endeavor of polishing:

...This is characteristic of the buff.  It seems as though they are designed to snatch the work and slam it up against the wall, or dash it to the floor where it will bounce all around the room, each bounce putting a new bruise on your heart! Sometimes you will find a buff so fiendish that it is almost impossible to touch without this happening.
 And the book is also chock-a-block full of smart suggestions to ignite some big ideas!