Get Edified!!

Every blue moon Jeff and I get to go to the Opera.  Last night we saw an extraordinary version of Mephistopheles at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House.

The angels were spectacular.  As was Ildar Abdrazakov, as Mephistophele himself, serving up evil with his massive voice, shirtless no less.  You are warned in the program to expect 'Nudity and suggestive behavior'.  This is putting it mildly as I have never seen such creepy, fake nudity in my life. It was like Barnum and Bailey Circus meets Hieronymus Bosch but with fantastic party hats.  Funny there are no pictures AT ALL anywhere on the opera website of any of the nude revelers.  Or I would have posted.  Here you can hear a bit

This is just before Maestro Nicola Luisotti enters.  Watching him is just as enthralling as the actual opera.

The downstairs bar reminds me of The Shining. Everyone in suits and tuxedos, all ages represented. Everyone looks like a ghost from any given time.  Ladies with gilded hats, big jewelry from the 80's, capes on men. You literally cannot tell what decade we are in when you are down here.